Benefits of Investing in APICS

Investing in your employees is the same as investing in your organization’s future. Give your employees the tools they need to make your company successful by investing in an APICS education. Ignite your employees with one of the many APICS educational choices.
The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program provides in-depth knowledge of production and inventory management. Topics include:
• demand management
• procurement and supplier planning
• material requirements planning
• capacity requirements planning
• sales and operations planning (S&OP)
• master scheduling
• performance measurements
• supplier relationships
• quality control
• continuous improvement

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program certifies mastery of the entire supply chain as it extends beyond your internal operations. Topics include
• Creation and execution of supply chain strategies that meet your needs, reduce costs, and increase profits
• Incorporating an end to end view of the supply chain into specific organizational activities
• Improving productivity by looking beyond internal operations and through the entire supply chain.

Investing in APICS education and certification provides the following benefits
for your employees:
• The ability to think strategically, act tactically, and streamline operations by refreshing existing skills and learning new ones
• Increased functional knowledge leads to more accurate forecasts and maximize the use of systems and technology
• An understanding of how diverse functions within a company are linked through enterprise
resources planning (ERP)
• Improved performance from understanding standard industry terminology
• The ability to perform at a higher level within their existing role and prepare for future roles

Investing in APICS education and certifications provides the following benefits
for your company:
• The insights to better manage supplier and customer relationships
• An understanding of how your ERP and other systems are used to improve organizational
performance will allow you to maximize the ROI of your current and future technology investments
• A proven track record because APICS certifications are recognized globally as the standard of excellence and preferred by thousands of organizations worldwide
• A common understanding, vocabulary, and frameworks within the organization and across the entire supply chain will act as a foundation for collaboration and supply chain synergy
• The tools to effectively manage global supply chain activities are particularly important when suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers are located around the world
• The organizational skills that are required to strategically streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction.

The benefits of membership for both your organization and your employees APICS membership shows commitment to continued education for professionals in supply chain and
operations and
• keeps professionals current on industry trends (web, newsletters, magazines)
• allows for participation in ongoing educational events
• provides access to the global community of industry peers
• provides membersFonly access to exclusive content and research
• includes discounts on all products, services, and conferences.

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