Chapter Cancellation/Refund Policy

Effective as of March 1, 2007


This Chapter Policy Clarifies Payment Refunds and Event Cancellations.

Due to the high cost of PDM cancellations there will be no refunds issued unless the Chapter cancels the event or other criteria are met. If the Chapter does elect to Cancel an event, an email message will be sent to all those currently signed up as to that notification and additional reservations will be disabled. For non-Cancelled events, if you have registered online and prepaid, No Refund will be issued, but credit will be given toward a future PDM if you have cancelled before the registration deadline. PDM Cancellations are allowed until the posted deadline. If you have paid in advance with a credit card and your cancellation is received before the posted deadline, you will receive full credit to register for a future PDM. You must process your PDM Cancellation online, by going thru the Sign Up process again selecting your name (Not the credit card processing option), and pressing the Cancel button to cancel your reservation.
Reservation Cancellations posted after the deadline will result in forfeiture of any payment as if a No show.

An exception to the No Refund policy can be made upon request if the participant is attending from outside our coverage area and there is no future event of interest against which the pre-payment could be applied. Any other exception must be submitted in writing/email for approval before a refund can be granted.

No Shows

No refund, credit or makeup for a prepaid registrant as a "No Show" to any type of event will be given as the Chapter will have incurred the cost as if you attended.


Professional Development Meeting

Cancellation of reservations must be posted by Noon of the day before the PDM and must be posted on-line or submitted by email. Phone calls for cancellations will not be accepted as meeting the deadline.

Other Chapter delivered venues, ie Workshops, Seminars, etc

Cancellation of a reservation for this type of Chapter delivered program must be submitted by noon, seven (7) days before the event. As for PDM's this cancellation must be posted on-line or submitted by email within that timeframe, and phone calls will not be accepted as meeting the deadline.

The reason for on-line or emailed cancellations is to meet our audit requirements as meeting the appropriate deadlines.


If a refund under special circumstances is granted for a credit card prepayment by the Treasurer, the refund will be the amount paid less a 5% transaction processing fee.

Refunds granted will be made or reimbursed within 30 days of the event.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or have special circumstances regarding your Cancellation, please contact the VP of Finance via email at