Career Opportunities Overview

The Job Placement page provides job opening availability referral services for our members.

However, we do not screen or warrant the credentials of candidates or companies, nor do we accept any liability for actions taken by any parties referred by this free service.

You can also subscribe to the APICS Michiana Employment Updates Mailing List. Membership is not required. Just send an email to the following email address: with the message text (not Subject line) of Subscribe EmploymentUpdates. Whenever a job posting is approved by the Placement Director, you will receive an email identifying the posting which you can then view. When you no longer wish to receive posting notifications, just send an email to the same address with the subject line Unsubscribe EmploymentUpdates and you will be removed.

We would like feedback concerning what you would like to see on our employment opportunity page as well as problems you may have encountered in using this service. Please use our Feedback Form or contact the Placement Administrator.

For more information, please contact the Placement Administrator.