Job Posting Submittal Instructions

Thank you for using this Job Posting Service.


On the next screen (after you have read these instructions) please fill out as much information as possible. You will be required to enter a job title, mailing address and a contact phone or Fax number. If invalid information is supplied for any of these fields, your request will be denied.. You will also be required to submit contact information, for follow-up questions if needed. It is preferable that an e-mail address be supplied as part of that information to support such questions and automatic notification once the submittal is approved for posting.

There will be no notification of approval or rejection other than via the given e-mail address.

We do not support resume mining or blind ads.  Such practices reported to us by our users will result in denial of further submissions for a period of six months. Therefore, definitive contact or identifying information must be supplied.

Once submitted, each job posting will be assigned a unique control number for tracking and posted to the Chapter web site.

Jobs are posted for 45 days unless otherwise noted and then removed from display. Job posting information is made available to everyone visiting the chapter web site.

For best results on Job Description, Typical Job Duties and Skills/Knowledge information, we recommend you first create this information in a Word document, then cut and paste each part into the appropriate text box.  
Dependent upon your browser, you may have to use CTRL-V to paste your content into the appropriate box (Chrome is an example), rather than the Paste icon on the toolbar.

If you are ready to post your job, click on the link below.

I've read the instructions and I'm ready to submit my job posting request

If you have problems using this job request capability, contact the Placement Administrator