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This page is intended for use by those individuals offering to Present at a Michiana Chapter of APICS event or Host a local Plant tour at their facility as a Chapter event. This page is NOT intended to solicit input for on topics, presentations, tours or seminars. Such content will be removed. Please use the Feedback form for Topic, Seminar, Presenter, or Tour suggestion input.  Again, this page is intended for use by those that have a 'product' they provide appropriate to our targeted audience, to allow those 'products' to be proferred for use by the Chapter.

The Michiana Chapter of APICS is interested in your input on a topic you propose to present in our area. Should you have a topic of interest suitable for either a Professional Development Meeting or a Seminar, or are in a position to offer a Plant Tour to our constituents (which includes our membership, the area public and local professional Society partners), please complete this form. Be as complete and specific as possible as this information will become content we make available on our Chapter website and in our newsletter. As well as Title, Topic and Biographical information, please estimate expected fees to be charged us in hosting your presentation/event. Should other requirements exist, ie additional equipment, alternative speaker fee arrangements, etc, please so note in the Presenter Considerations area of the form. Your email address and contact phone number are required.

As part of a process to prevent inappropriate or explicit postings, we have set minimum content attributes that we will test when the proposal is saved. If the sumbitted content does not meet those 'normal' criteria, we will not save the submittal. So, be descriptive in your proposal so as to not fall to this unfortunately required set of edits. If you wish, please send a separate eamil to programs[at] indicating that you have submitted a proposal so we can make sure it was accepted.

As we agree on content, time, and costs, a copy of the agreement listed here, will be emailed to you for confirmation and acceptance, indicated in your reply, with the confirming email copied in the response. The information you provide as the Presenter Bio will also become an entry in the Presenter Profiles link from our Navigation menu.

A separate submittal is requested for each topic you wish to propose and each submission is considered separately, based upon fit to our needs and must include the Presenter Biographical information, costs etc. Visit our website for examples on content we generally expect. Click on the PDM link at the top of the displayed calendar and pick any future entry from the displayed list. Click on "Click here for more info" to view topic descriptions and biographies as examples of the content we seek. You may also review entries via the Presenters page for both Biographical content as well as topic overviews.

Once a proposal has been submitted and is complete just click on the Speaking Proposal link on the Navigation menu to begin a new proposal.

We thank you for your interest in bringing your opportunity to the Michiana Chapter of APICS.

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Should you have difficulty using this form, please submit your entry via email to  Please include a description of the problem encountered, Browser and version. Your email should contain the values you were attempting to enter.  This will assist us in identifying the problem and making corrections.

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