Michiana Chapter of APICS Class Waiting List

The Michiana Chapter of APICS Class Waiting List is an easy way for members and non-members to indicate interest in the education offering of the chapter. By signing up to the waiting list, you help us to know when we might want to schedule classes. You are not obligated when you sign up to the waiting list, and can remove your entry at any time by selecting the class again, and deleting it. If you want to change the Day of Week you prefer, just delete and re-add the signup selecting the desired day.

If you are interested in a class not in this list, please contact us via email to Education@apics-michiana.org and let us know.

Please select the class in which you have an interest, enter your assigned Member ID and Last Name as it appears on your member record. If you are not a member, and do not have an ID already set up from attending one of our events, follow the 'New Non-Member' link below the Continue button. If you have attended one of our events but do not have the ID assigned your information, send us a message by clicking on the 'I Forgot My ID' mail link and include your full Name as you would have used and Company name. We will look it up and reply back to you with your assigned ID.


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Put an "X" in the box corresponding to the day of week you would prefer the class to be held. No selection indicates no preference.

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