APICS Michiana Members and Member Company Activities

This page is where we highlight the activities and accomplishments of our members - Certification, New Members, Membership Renewals, SIG Interests, etc. Contributed Articles are available here, from members and presenters to the chapter, etc.

We provide this page to recognize those who are part of this organization - who join it, or renew their participation in it and those that are willing to share their own experiences or those of their company. We also provide and share knowledge and insight into methods of operation and business practice. We also recognize the years our members have participated in APICS by identifying those that have been with the organization for a number of years.

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Contributed Articles / Presentations
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Certification of our Chapter Membership
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Special Interest Group (SIG) Membership
SIG Participation has been discontinued. This specific interest grouping has been replaced by APICS Supply Chain Channel participation. Click the link for more information
Member Recognition for Years of Membership
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