Michiana Chapter of APICS Presenter List and Plant Tour Hosts

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4/8/2008 PDM Reminder - This months event is on April 17th
1/13/2015 PDM Taking a holiday and expected weather break
2/9/2016 CPT Plant Tour - Tech Data Warehouse
4/11/2000 CPT Plant Tour Corrugated Paper Products
Alan R. Wyne 4/11/2006 PDM RFID - A Reprise One Year Later
Alan Ryan 5/14/2002 PDM Strategic Planning issues
Alan Wyne 4/12/2005 PDM Basics of RFID
3/8/2011 CPT Plant Tour of NIBCO Regional Distribution Warehouse
Ann Meskauskas 5/11/2010 PDM Successful Leadership – The Core Competencies
Anthony Nikolai, Senior Manager - S&OP/Forecasting 11/11/2014 PDM Integrated Business Planning, Risk Management and Politics
Barry E. Blood, CPIM 10/10/2000 PDM Help !! My Master Schedule is Killing Me
Barry E. Blood, CPIM 3/11/2003 PDM Scheduling The Shop Floor, aka Dancing in the Dark
Bernard T. Smith 11/13/2002 SeminarPower Logistics
Bernie T. Smith 11/12/2002 PDM Role of the Logistics Gatekeeper
9/9/2014 CPT Plant Tour of Bertrand Products
2/10/2015 CPT Plant Tour of Better World Books
Bob Beck and Jeff Buchanan 8/9/2002 SeminarAt the Intersection of Fun and Learning
Bob Collins, CFPIM, CIRM 11/14/2000 PDM APICS - WIIFM
Bob Collins, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP 12/9/2014 PDM APICS: Making Businesses Run Better
Bob Montgomery CPIM CSCP 2/9/2010 PDM Actually Applying 5S and Work Cells in a Lean Implementation
Bob Montgomery CPIM CSCP 10/12/2010 PDM Actually Applying 5S and Work Cells in a Lean Implementation
Bob Montgomery, CPIM 1/10/2006 PDM Value Stream Mapping
Bradford U Staats 1/13/2009 PDM Strengthening The Team
Bradford U Staats 4/14/2009 PDM Strengthening The Team
11/8/2016 CPT Food Bank of Northern Indiana Plant Tour
Brian Hancock, VP Supply Chain 3/11/2008 PDM Customer Centric Supply Chain Strategy
Brian Long, Ph.D., C.P.M. 1/11/2005 PDM What Every Supply Manager MUST Know About Economic
Brian Sittley, Owner PSSI, Inc 5/8/2012 PDM How Best of Breed Companies Take Advantage of ERP Systems
Bruce Shown, CPIM, CmfgE, CQE 2/13/2001 PDM Changing Shop Scheduling Techniques To Improve Cash Flows
Carrie A. Van Daele 11/8/2005 PDM Capture Human Capital to Stay in Business
Carrie Van Daele 5/19/2015 PDM “Are You Struggling To Keep Up With The Demand?”
Catherine Wolpert - Principal, The Conserve Group 5/14/2013 PDM The Role of Change Management in the Supply Chain
Charles Popik, CFPIM 4/9/2002 PDM 'Until Chapter 11 Do Us Part'
1/18/2006 CPT Plant Tour Welch Packaging
Claude Renshaw 2/13/2007 PDM Deduct It! An Irreverent Look At Taxes
Claude Renshaw 2/12/2008 PDM Deduct It! An Irreverent Look At Taxes
Craig MacNab 2/11/2003 PDM Status of the Hummer H2 Assembly Plant and Video Tour
Creative Financial Staffing - South Bend 4/16/2013 PDM Employment Outlook
Dale Billet 10/8/2002 PDM Six Sigma & Lean: Dynamic Duo for Mid-sized Firms
Dale Billet CPIM, CIRM, CSCP 11/11/2008 PDM Taming the Inventory Beast
Dale Billet, CPIM CIRM 9/11/2001 PDM E-business Strategy for Mid-Sized Companies
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM 9/9/2003 PDM Tiptoeing Through the Minefield: Six Sigma & Lean
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM 2/14/2006 PDM IT Strategy Drives Process Improvement for Mid-Sized Manufacturers
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM CSCP 3/12/2013 PDM Managing the Supply Chain in a Growing Economy
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP 9/11/2007 PDM Are You The Weakest/Smallest Link In The Supply Chain?
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP 12/8/2009 PDM World-Class Small and Midsized Business Supply Chains
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP 4/10/2012 PDM Optimizing Your ERP System
4/10/2007 CPT Plant Tour Daman Products
1/14/2014 CPT Plant Tour - Daman Products
David Robinson, CPIM, CIRM, CPM 9/14/1999 PDM Implementing the Buyer Planner at Harley Davidson
David S Coen 3/14/2006 PDM Lean Team Campaigns
David Stimac-Whirlpool S&OP Sr. Manager 4/12/2016 PDM Whirlpool's S&OP Journey
11/13/2012 CPT Plant Tour AMGs MV-1 Production Facility
Debra Smith, CFPIM, CIRM 2/8/2000 PDM Inventory Transactions in a JIT Environment
Don Guild, Synchronous Management 2/11/2014 PDM MRP and KANBAN: Together Again for the First Time
Donn J. Novotny, PhD 10/14/2003 PDM Unbalancing The Balanced Scorecard
Donn J. Novotny, PhD 10/11/2005 PDM The War of The Chains
Donn Novotny, PhD 11/16/1999 PDM Managing a Multiple Project Environment with the Critical Chain Approach
Donn Novotny, PhD 10/17/2000 SeminarUsing THEORY OF CONSTRAINTSTo Convert Common Non-Sense into Common Sense
Donn Novotny, PhD 4/8/2003 PDM Who Moved My Constraint?
Doug Canter CPIM, CIRM 1/8/2003 PDM Developing a Materials Management System
Doug Canter CPIM, CIRM, CSCP 9/13/2016 PDM What is APICS? What does APICS Michiana have to offer?
Doug Canter, CPIM, CIRM 7/30/2001 SeminarHow to Take a Test
Doug Canter, CPIM, CIRM 11/13/2001 SeminarJob Shop Scheduling Workshop
Doug Canter, CPIM, CIRM 4/23/2002 SeminarJob Shop Scheduling Workshop
Doug Canter, CPIM, CIRM 12/4/2002 SeminarInventory Record Accuracy
Dr Donn J. Novotny 4/19/2006 SeminarBreaking the Rules-Managing the Process of Change
Dr Donn Novotny 3/14/2000 SeminarUse Theory of Constraints to Covert Common Non-Sense into Common Sense
Dr Donn Novotny 3/14/2000 SeminarUse Theory of Constraints to Covert Common Non-Sense into Common Sense
Dr Donn Novotny 9/14/2004 PDM Cost Accounting, Enemy #1 of Productivity
Dr. Dean M Schroeder 10/5/2004 PDM Ideas Are Free
Dr. Sime Curkovic 3/8/2005 PDM The New Economy and Supply Chain Management
Dr. Sime Curkovic 10/10/2006 PDM Education and Careers in Supply Chain Management
5/18/2012 CPT Plant Tour Dynamax - Great Lakes District Event
Eric Heller 5/13/2008 PDM Metrics - What and How You Should Be Using Them
Eric M. Gatmaitan 4/3/2001 PDM Introduction to KANBAN
Eric M. Gatmaitan 4/17/2001 SeminarApplying Kanban
12/10/2013 CPT Plant Tour - FAPCO
4/13/2010 CPT Plant Tour - FedEx
12/14/2011 CPT Plant Tour - Federal Mogul
Ganesh Vaidyanathan-Chair Decision Sciences 1/12/2016 PDM Supply Chain Talent Crisis - Hidden in plain sight!
Gene Anderson 10/14/2008 PDM Cre8ive Thinking
Gene Anderson 9/8/2009 PDM Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously
Greg DeSimone, C.P.M. 5/12/2004 PDM Maximizing Strategic Supplier Relationships
Greg DeSimone, CPM 9/13/2000 PDM Supply Chain Integration
Gwen Spretnjak and Dorothy Cullison 5/7/2001 PDM How Production Control Can Hit a Home Run and Win the Game
Harvey McChesney III CPIM 2/12/2002 PDM Learn to Listen - To Learn
11/11/2003 CPT Plant Tour Whirlpool Customer Interaction Center Tour
Howard Blackwood 9/9/2008 PDM Finding The Right People For Your Business
11/10/2015 CPT Plant Tour Indiana Whiskey Company
Jackie Sittley 5/9/2017 PDM Top Management Night: Year End Recap/What's in Store for 2017/2018
James Gross, PhD, CIRM 10/12/1999 SeminarLean Manufacturing
James Gross, PhD, CIRM 12/14/1999 PDM Mastering Change Through Teams
Jan Steiner-Soukup CPIM 2/10/2004 PDM Effective Use of Your Bill of Material
Jason Wheeler, CPIM,CSCP,APICS Chair of the Board 3/10/2015 PDM Culture + Patience = Sustainable Success
Jay Wilkinson, President and CEO, Peoplelink 5/13/2014 PDM Regional Job Market Status
Jeff Sipes 2/12/2013 PDM Horizontal Thinking in a Vertical World
Jim Gross, PhD CIRM 2/8/2005 PDM Balanced Scorecard
Jim Hall / Jim Walsh 5/25/2005 SeminarLean Workshop
Jim Hall and Jim Walsh 5/13/2003 PDM Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing
Jim Keppler VP, Integrated Supply Chain & Quality 9/10/2013 PDM Advancements in Whirlpools Demand Planning Process and S&OP Maturity Model
Joe LaMantia 1/9/2007 PDM Managing Inventory in a Lean Environment
John Blair, GSNA, CISA 1/8/2008 PDM Sarbanes-Oxley and Procurement Risk Management
John Canfield 9/21/2010 PDM Collaboration Skills and Options for Resolving Conflict
John Laurence Busch 3/7/2017 PDM Building the First "Steamship" in History
John Layden, CEO, Time Compression Strategies 10/9/2012 PDM Fifth Generation Strategies in Material and Capacity Planning
John Layden, President and CEO, Prevel Consulting 5/8/2007 PDM The Future of Manufacturing in North America
John Pennington 11/9/2010 PDM Lean in Healthcare
Jon Bingol, CPIM, PCD 12/12/2000 PDM Productivity: Key to Prosperity and Profitability
Jon Bingol, CPIM, PCD 12/10/2002 PDM The Power of Productivity
Joseph Matthews 3/10/2009 PDM Simplification....the new Global Sourcing Strategy
Karen Alber, CFPIM Region XIII 5/16/2000 PDM Creating A Strategic Plan for Yourself
Top Management Night
5/10/2016 CPT Plant Tour of Kem Krest is CANCELLED due to low participation
Ken Carlson, Principal, Oliver Wight 10/11/2011 PDM Lean Techniques – Providing Assistance to Planners & Schedulers
4/14/2015 CPT Plant Tour Indiana Carton Co, Inc.
Larry Davis 10/13/2009 PDM Lean in a Mature Market
3/9/2010 CPT Plant Tour - Daman Products
Larry Lackner, CPA of Metzger, Mancini and Lackner 1/17/2017 PDM Individual Income Tax Update
Larry Lukasik 10/13/2015 PDM Enterprise Wide Lean - A Top Management Event
Larry M. Davis 11/9/2004 PDM Lean Thinking - Learning to See
Leo Roth Klein, CFPIM 12/11/2007 PDM Dealing with the Grey Zone
10/14/2014 CPT Plant Tour of Lock Joint Tube
Lt Col Bradley E. Anderson PhD 2/10/2009 PDM The Forecasting Challenge: Practical Uses and Limitations
Mary-Ann Lienhart-Cross 4/13/2004 PDM The FISH Philosophy
10/11/2016 CPT KemKrest Plant Tour
9/8/2015 CPT This event is cancelled
Michael Pace 2/8/2011 PDM Kaizen in an Office Environment
Michael Vitek / Dr Sime Curkovic 11/10/2009 PDM Supply Chain Risk Management
Michigan WERCouncil & Mich. Mfg Tech Center 4/25/2013 SeminarLean Processing-Increasing Efficiency/Profitability-Not Just For Mfg
9/13/2011 CPT Plant Tour - AM General Service Parts & Logistics Organization (SPLO)
12/4/2000 CPT Plant Tour - NISCO
Pat Delaney CFPIM, CIRM, CPM 12/14/2004 PDM World Class Technologies for Manufacturing
Pat Delaney, CFPIM, CIRM, CPM 1/16/2001 PDM Mass Customization and E-Commerce: A Powerful Combination
Paul Kehr CQM/OE 4/17/2008 PDM Price/Quality "The Competing Objectives"
Peter Berglund, CPIM 5/9/2006 PDM Courage Isn't Something You Can Be Afraid To Have--Event Cancelled!!!
Peter J. Berglund, CPIM 5/10/2005 PDM Strawberries and Worms: How to Sell Your Ideas
Phil D'Amico 1/12/2010 PDM Status of Manufacturing and Service Industries in SJ County
Phil D'Amico 4/12/2011 PDM Status of Manufacturing and Service Industries in SJ County
Prof. Sean Handley, University of Notre Dame 3/11/2014 PDM Managing Quality in Outsourced Production
Professor Leroy Schwarz, CFPIM 10/9/2007 PDM Strategic Sourcing: What to Think About It and How to Practice It
Randall Schaefer, CPIM 1/11/2000 PDM Excess Supplier Lead Times
Randall Schaefer, CPIM 11/13/2007 PDM The Ten Principles of Operations Management
Randall Schaeffer, CPIM 12/14/2010 PDM Retool for the Future: The Supply Chain Professional in the New Normal
Randall Schaeffer, CPIM 5/10/2011 PDM Retool for the Future: The Supply Chain Professional in the New Normal
Rick Stevens 2/7/2017 PDM Continuous Improvement in the Office: Whirlpool's CI Journey
1/11/2011 CPT Plant Tour Granite City Food and Brewery
Robert Gilreath 10/4/2001 PDM Quality is a Means, Not an End
Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CIRM 3/12/2002 PDM Lean Thinking Companies: Don't Throw Away Your Computers Just Yet. . .
Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CIRM 11/14/2006 PDM Lean and World Class Manufacturing
Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP, MLSSBB 5/12/2009 PDM Turning a Supply Chain into a Value Chain
11/8/2011 CPT Plant Tour - Round Barn Winery/Distillery/Brewery
Saturn University 3/1/2000 SeminarSaturns Four Phase Development Process
Saturn University 3/1/2000 SeminarSaturns Adminstrative Process Improvement
Saturn University 3/2/2000 SeminarSaturns Adminstrative Process Improvement
Saturn University 3/2/2000 SeminarSaturns Four Phase Development Process
10/8/2013 CPT Plant Tour - Schafer Gear Works
Scott Duehmig, VP/General Mgr at Barger Packaging 3/13/2012 PDM Supplier/Customer Collaboration in a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain-an Example
Scott Sloniker, Operations Manager, Fapco, Inc 12/11/2012 PDM Third Party Logistics Management
Seth Davies 9/13/2005 PDM Digging Out of the Management Dumpster
Sheryl Decker 4/18/2017 PDM IMA Annual Employment update
Sime Curkovic 9/11/2002 PDM Global Sourcing and Markets
10/8/2002 CPT Plant Tour Inside Scoop of South Bend Chocolate Company
Steve Kinney, VP Operations, Martin-Brower Company 4/15/2014 PDM Providing Logistics Support to the Quick Serve Restaurant Industry
Steven A Melnyk, PhD 10/12/1999 PDM A Process Perspective Towards System Improvement
Steven A Melnyk, PhD 11/13/2001 PDM Supply Chain Management: Myths, Mysteries, Truths
Terrence Nugent, CPIM, CSCP; M.B.A. 12/9/2008 PDM He's Making A List, Checking It Twice ...
Terry Lunn CFPIM, CIRM 1/13/2004 PDM Four Ways to Triple Your Inventory Turns
Terry Lunn CFPIM, CIRM 3/13/2007 PDM Measuring The Supply Chain
11/12/2013 CPT Plant Tour - Tire Rack South Bend
Todd Taylor 1/10/2012 PDM A Lean Journey - Methodologies, Measurements and Successes
Tom Ribar CFPIM 12/9/2003 PDM Sales & Operations Planning in a Lean Environment
Tom Schulte 3/13/2001 PDM How to Stay Positive in a Tough Work Environment
Top Management Night
Tom Schulte 9/12/2006 PDM How To Become Essential To Your Organization: Lessons From Oz
Tom Schulte 9/13/2006 SeminarLeading Your Supply Chain: Lessons from Oz
1/8/2013 CPT Plant Tour - General Sheet Metal Works
Trevor Kaye, Senior Project Manager 9/11/2012 PDM DDMRP - New Breakthrough in Material Planning
Victor A. Mancinelli 12/13/2005 PDM Living Lean at CTB - Top Management Night
1/8/2002 CPT Plant Tour - Welch Packaging
William Grauf, CFPIM 12/11/2001 PDM On-Time, On-Budget ERP Implementations; Ten Secrets
William O'Hayer MBA, CPA, CIA 2/14/2012 PDM Introduction to a Problem Solving/Decision Making Tool